Groups in Transactional Analysis, Object Relations, and Family Systems

N. Michel Landaiche, III

‘Mick Landaiche has done us all a great service in bringing together his excellent writing on living and learning through groups. For those not familiar with his work, Mick brings his understated style to exploring his longstanding experience of working with groups. Opening with a cautionary hesitation about being in group processes, Landaiche expertly navigates the complexity of group life that, in its unfolding, demonstrates that neither he, nor us as readers, can be anything other than immersed in the business of being together. Transactional analysis had its early history rooted in group work, which whilst innovative in its time, has at times, been overlooked as the central arena in which our practice and training takes place. In this much needed title, Landaiche resets the dial, reminding us of the enduring complexity and promise of what it is to be with others.’ - Giles Barrow, MA, MEd, PGCE, TSTA-Education, author and co-editor of Educational Transactional Analysis (Routledge)

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