CPD Autumn Programme

The International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis (IARTA) is committed to providing high-quality online events for our membership that seek to promote, disseminate and/or advance relational TA theory and practice.

All events, unless otherwise stated will take place on Zoom.

In order to provide a balanced programme some events will be specifically targeted at members from one of the four fields (P, C, E or O) and/or some at members with a particular level of experience, as shown below:

Student – Little or no clinical experience (S)

Trainees – Over 100 hours of clinical experience (T)

Qualified Practitioners (less than 5 years qualified) (QP)

Advanced Practitioners (over 5 years qualified) (AP)

Cancellation Policy

You have the right to cancel your booking within 14 days of paying for it, providing you booked onto the event at least 14 days before the event runs. If you booked your place after this time or did not inform us of your desire to cancel before the 14day cancellation period has expired, then the course fee becomes non-refundable. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel at the latest before the 14-day cancellation period has expired (via heatherfowlie123@aol.com)

While we are not anticipating the need to do so, if IARTA need to cancel an event you will be offered a full refund but IARTA will not be liable for any losses incurred through cancelled plans or other expenses incurred.

What is Relational TA?

Heather Fowlie

23rd Sept 2021   6.30 – 8.30pm

In this workshop, we will explore the term “Relational TA”.

Tracing its origins in both the humanistic and psychoanalytic fields, we will discuss the principles that unite relational practitioners regardless of their individual orientation and their impact on the way that the therapist sees their role and the impact of these upon clinical practice.

This event is primarily aimed at Students and Trainees from the psychotherapy + psychotherapeutic counselling fields.

IARTA members £15.00

Non-members £30.00

Treatment Planning: Pathway to Cure?

Karen Minikin

1st Oct 2021 4.30 – 6.30pm

My original treatment plan was drawn up in 2002 and published in the ITA News in 2008. Nearly twenty years later, I critiqued the plan, by comparing my approach back then, with now, (TAJ, July 2021). This seminar will explore the central message of the latest piece – which asks the question: Is there value in having a treatment plan at all?  Drawing from your own experience and/or clinical examples, we will have space for some theory input and case discussions.

This event is primarily aimed at Students and Trainees from the psychotherapy + psychotherapeutic counselling fields.

IARTA members £15.00

Non-members £30.00

Integrating the poetry and neuroscience implicit in Relational Theory

Dr Helena Hargaden  (6 sessions)  11am -1pm

Dates: 18th Oct / 15th Nov / 13th Dec / 17th Jan /  14th Feb / 14th March

These series of meetings will be preceded by a short case study, talk or article authored by me. Participants are asked to bring a poem or lyrics of a song that come to mind when reading the material, including any connections made with neuroscience. Together we will have a conversation based on what people bring and my knowledge of literature and neuroscience   such as Damasio, Schore, and developmental material such as Tronick, Stern, and Beebe and Lachmann.

This workshop is open to all fields and levels, providing they have a love of poetry and can attend all sessions.


IARTA members £15.00

Non-members £30.00

The Empathic Transactions

Charlotte Sills + Mica Douglas

26th Oct 2021  6.30-8.30pm

In 1966, Berne described what he called the therapeutic operations.  His use of the word ‘operations’ encapsulated well his medical-model way of thinking about being a psychotherapist.  As we know, while his theories are largely completely relational, his methods certainly were not. In 2002, Hargaden and Sills introduced a relational revision and elaboration of the operations which they called the empathic transactions. 

In 2019 Mica Douglas, Giovanni Felice Pace, Valeria Villa and Bill Stiles conducted some theory building research into the empathic transactions and their findings were very positive, confirming that therapy could be deepened and progressed using the empathic transactions. Their paper is awaiting publication in a forthcoming TAJ. In this webinar, we will introduce the empathic transactions and invite you to experiment with them.  We will also introduce the research and show how the outcomes were reached. 

This event is open to all from all four fields of TA.

IARTA members £15.00

Non-members £30.00

A Relational Approach to Consulting

Servaas van Beekum

13th Nov 9.00 – 11.00am

Eric Berne was not so keen on the concept of the unconscious. It was too analytical for him and after his break from psychoanalysis, the unconscious did not fit in his conceptualization of transactional analysis. As a result, whole generations of transactional analysis students have grown up with a racket concept of ‘out of awareness’ and the assumption that when ‘out of’ was brought ‘into’ awareness, healing and ultimately freedom from script was possible. However, the unconscious is a quality, in whatever meaning or definition, we’re all connected with. In this lecture, I will discuss how working with the unconscious process or with transference and countertransference dynamics can be applied in the consulting room?

This event is primarily aimed at trainees, qualified and advanced Practitioners from the organisational field

IARTA members £15.00

Non-members £30.00

IARTA Annual Conference 

The Naked Self

Dr Zefiro Mellacqua (MD)  

20th Nov 2021 9.30. -5.00pm

Zefiro Mellaqua will introduce and discuss some of the ground-breaking work that he describes in his new book ‘Transactional Analysis of Schizophrenia – The Naked Self’, a book that is ‘a cornerstone in contemporary transactional analysis for the understanding and treatment of a broad spectrum of psychotic disorders’ (Tosi 2021).  

Zefiro will introduce some of the relational revisions of TA theory that he has developed including symbiosis, ego states and more.  He will describe some of his work with seriously disturbed clients in the UK and in Italy and explore how his approach can be applied to a broad spectrum of clients including those with fragile self-process in weekly therapy settings. 

This event is aimed at all from the psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling fields.

IARTA members £50.00

Non-members £100.00

The Place of Failure and Rupture in Psychotherapy

Carole Shadbolt

6th Dec 6.00 – 8.00pm

Carole will describe, expand upon and answer questions about her article above. Her article explores rupture and failure within transactional analysis psychotherapy from ethical, cultural, theoretical, and clinical perspectives. Working within a relational frame of reference, Carole views failure and rupture as inevitable and necessary in the therapeutic encounter. A relational therapeutic sequence is described, and a relational aspect is added to Berne's (1972) game formula and illustrated with a case example.

This event is primarily aimed at students and trainees from the psychotherapy and counselling fields.

IARTA members £15.00

Non-members £30.00