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Social Identity and the Therapeutic Relationship

This years’ IARTA conference theme was psychotherapy as a political project. The conference took place at NCVO in a room overlooking a canal with colourful boats gently bobbing in the water. There was great coffee, a proper feast at lunchtime and plenty of opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.

Judy Yellin

On Sunday 3rd June 2012, IARTA were delighted to offer its qualified members the chance to attend a workshop with Donnel Stern

Workshop Title: Dissociation, Enactment, and Witnessing:  Theory.

A rich day of conversation with Donnel Stern in which he discussed his theory of unformulated experience (experiences we have not yet reflected upon and put into words) and the implication for clinical process and conceptions of unconscious conflict, phantasy, and interpretation.  

He discussed this in relation to the significance of enactment, using the definition of enactment as the interpersonalization of dissociation, and the significance of what he calls “witnessing” in life and the clinical process.  He compared his conception of dissociation and enactment with projective identification.

Our second conference took place onthe 1st October 2011 in London and was a huge success. Seventy people gatheredat the NVCO in Kings Cross and unlike the previous conference, where it snowed,the weather this year was truly glorious. 

The theme of the conference was Inside Out:A relational transactional analysis approach to trauma. We were richlystimulated by presentations on trauma by Jo Stuthridge from New Zealand andJean Maquet from France. These were interspersed by clinical discussion groups.

"Relational TA and Research" Webinar 7-13th Feb 2011

IARTA is pleased to announce their first webinar: "Relational TA and Research".

Running over a week, 7th - 13th Feb 2011, participants first downloaded and read a paper which explains different research methodologies and the philosophies behind them and then through e-mail with the webinar convenor Dr Biljana van Rijn and the other webinar participants, raised questions and discussed the implications that research has or could have for relational practice.

We welcome comments and feedback from particpants - as well as suggestions or requests for further webinars.

A report by Suzanne Boyd 

Our first one day conference took place on Saturday 4th December at the NCVO, Regent's Wharf, London, and it was a wonderful day! Despite major snowfall across the country in the previous week, almost all our delegates managed to attend and I think all agreed that the travel struggles that some experienced were well worth it.

After a warm welcome from one of our founders, Sue Eusden, the day began with an inspiring and moving keynote speech on Use of Self in Psychotherapy by Professor Diana Shmukler. Diana's speech, with some added new material, will be posted elsewhere on the website, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her very much for her generosity in providing us with this. Diana's keynote was followed by a panel discussion elegantly chaired by Charlotte Sills. Brian Fenton, Heather Fowlie, Ray Little and Suhith Shivanath joined Charlotte and Diana and gave us their thoughtful reflections on the theme of Use of Self before the floor was opened up for more general discussion.


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