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Please follow the participation guidelines outlined below.

IARTA expects that all participants of the colloquium will behave professionally and ethically both when posting to the forum and with what is received from the IARTA colloquium.

Posting to the Colloquium

We ask you also to keep your postings to not more than 500 words please.

The IARTA colloquium is a public forum and should not be considered to be, in any way, a private communication. 

All postings should be written with the assumption and awareness that any clinical material, or any references to a client/patient, may be read or heard of by the person themselves or by a friend or relative of the client. Therefore, in line with written material presented for journal publication (e.g. TAJ) and the individual practitioners' member organisation code of ethics, when colloquium participants wish to describe clinical material in a posting they must either have a written consent from the client/patient or they should remove all personal information and disguise the material sufficiently so that the person being described is unrecognisable to anyone who might know him or her.

Copyright of material sent to the colloquium remains the property of the person posting the material. However, posting material to the colloquium grants IARTA rights to use the material during the colloquium and for use in the IARTA archives.

IARTA wishes to support open debate and discussion of ideas, concepts and philosophy of therapy, and expects that all participants of the colloquium will strive to maintain a respectful collegial tone. No arguments or comments that attack or criticise the individual will be accepted.

Referencing Colloquium Postings

The content and copyright of postings received on the colloquium belong to the author of each communication. Nothing may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the person who wrote the message. This means you are not to copy or distribute anything you receive within the IARTA colloquium without written permission of the author. Permission to use material should be obtained back channel from the individual author and not via the colloquium discussion list. 

If you wish to quote anything from a particular colloquium, then it should referenced in the following manner:

Smith, A. (2010) IARTA Colloquium, 30th Oct. - 7th Nov. 2010.  http://lists.topica.com/lists/iarta2010/read Retrieved 2nd Nov.2010 18.55 GMT.

Each quote from the colloquium should display the date and time when it was retrieved or received and the particular web address, as in the example above.


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