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The International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis (IARTA) is a vibrant community of practitioners, supervisors and trainers who are passionate about expanding our understanding of the relational aspects of our work. Whether you see yourself as a trainee a practitioner, a theoretician or a researcher - IARTA will offer you the opportunity to engage with kindred spirits, and people who value lifelong learning and are constantly seeking to develop their practice and thinking.  

At IARTA we aim to nurture a sense of community and we create frequent opportunities to meet and learn from each-other. We have a multi-disciplinary and integrative ethos, where we value learning from contemporary TA practitioners, as well as body psychotherapy, relational psychoanalysis, pluralistic counselling, and experts in education, business and organisations. 

The annual IARTA one day conference, the summer workshop and the bi-annual online colloquia are the physical and virtual spaces in which we gather to meet stimulating UK and international speakers who are busy re-imagining and developing their fields. We are excited about experiential learning, as much as we are about scholarly pursuits, and our conference programme reflects this. Financial benefits to joining IARTA include members’ discounts to workshops and to the Annual Relational TA conference.

In addition IARTA is affiliated with the European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA), and registration to EATA can be achieved through us. EATA affiliation is open to anyone who has an interest in Transactional Analysis, but is compulsory if you are in formal TA training, or are a Transactional Analysis practitioner.

Join IARTA for an opportunity to be at the forefront of new theoretical developments, to enhance your practical wisdom, and to be in dialogue with other creative minds in the contemporary relational field.    



EATA Conference

Theory Development and Research Conference

July 5th-6th 2018


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Next Annual IARTA Conference

November 24th 2018

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