The Interview
Ray Little

IARTA sends warm congratulations to Ray Little who has been honoured with the 2019 Eric Berne Memorial Award (EMBA) for his written contributions to and development of transactional analysis theory over the last fifteen years.

Ray has said on a number of occasions that he believes writing is not his forte so the TA community is especially grateful that he has regularly written meaningfully, sharing his ideas, linking transactional analysis theory to practice.

A hallmark of Ray’s work is an integration of his knowledge of complementary theories and philosophies, for example, object relations and psychoanalysis with transactional analysis. His ideas, in particular his concepts of ego state relational units and the transference-countertransference matrix, add to our understanding of the developmental process of character structure in the face of traumatic and failing care in early life. His transference-countertransference matrix advances ideas of archaic relational needs and their transformation in the dynamic therapeutic encounter.

Together Ray’s powerful ideas enhance our knowledge and expand clinical possibilities of dynamic ego states and games, whilst also honouring Eric Berne’s original ideas, themselves the bedrock of transactional analysis theory.

Reading his work honoured here by the TA community, his “voice” is one of a committed, consistently reliable and unflinchingly courageous theoretician.

Ray is a founder member of IARTA and was involved in our inception in 2009. He has contributed greatly to the life and development of our organisation.

We are delighted that his achievements have been recognised and honoured by the TA community.