IARTA Conferences

IARTA 10th Anniversary Conference - 29/11/19

We have just held our 2019 conference entitled "Relational TA - Critiques and Challenges", a fitting retrospective of relational TA in the 10th anniversary year of IARTA a invited the co-editors of the book From Transactions to Relations: Helena Hargaden and Bill Cornell were our guest speakers, discussing Relational TA and its Critiques and Challenges.  

They are two of the world’s leading thinkers in transactional analysis, people who have done much to shape relational TA and relational thinking and we were excited to have them both with us. The conference was very well attended and our thanks go out to the DoubleTree in Ealing for being such generous hosts.

We will be publishing a full synposis, photographs and video of the conference shortly, these will be available in the members area.