Relational TA Conference 2020

In our continuing project of inquiring into constructions of race and their impact, we are very pleased to invite you to our 11th Annual Relational TA Conference, to be held virtually on 28th November 2020.

Foluke Taylor and Robert Downes will present a day on ‘Other-wise and the day will run from 10.30 – 1.00 then 2.00 until 4.00 and be followed, as always by a short AGM.

Registration is priced at £10 for IARTA members or £20 for non-members. Please register & pay below, please note IARTA accept all major debit & credit cards and processed using Stripe Secure Payments. If you have issues, please email


“The exploration of this alternative mode of cognition, ideologically suppressed in ourselves, yet still a living force amidst large majorities…” Sylvia Wynter (1976) 

Foluke Taylor and Robert Downes will be evoking: ‘Other-Wise’ 

There is much talk of decolonising the curriculum these days. Much talk. So what might that talk look like, sound like, be infused with if we are to practice and think and study ‘Other-Wise’? If we study with and along side and through the ‘Other-Wise’? what might our work and teaching look like, sound like, be like, if we take the technology of race and unravel from it and from the way it has shaped the landscape of psychotherapeutic thought, teaching and practice. What might emerge if we truly engage with alternative modes of embodied cognition? 

Drawing from their own particular carrier bags of theory and practice, (see Ursula Le Guin’s Carrier Bag Theory of Literature) Foluke and Robert will share some of what they have gathered to inform unravellings and reckonings from within the enclosure(s) of race. Working with a definition of race as ‘technology’* they introduce various other-wise technologies of thought and practice aimed at extending the reach, register, resonance and inclusivity of the therapeutic project. 

Key Technologies: Black feminisms, critical theory, relational psychoanalytix, poetry, art, music, philosophy, abolition, the implicated subject, poesis, trouble, somatics, empire mind, study, undercommons. 

 * Taken from Black Quantum Futurism: Space Time Collapse from Congo to the Carolinas 

You will be invited to participate via a range of practices and reflective exercises.

Foluke Taylor is a psychotherapist, writer, teacher, and parent. She seeks to create spaces where therapy, poetics, creative writing, and activism converge as interconnected experiments in being and living otherwise. She is deeply nourished by Black feminism and tries to live her life through its ethical guidance. Currently, she teaches on trauma at NAOS Institute, and on Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) within the faculty of Applied Social and Organisational Sciences at the Metanoia Institute. Recent publications include a bio mythography How the Hiding Seek (2018), and As Much Space as We Can Imagine: Black Presence in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2019). She has contributed a chapter to What is Normal? to be published by Confer in November 2020 and is currently completing a book on the development of a Black therapist’s praxis for PCCS Books. 
Robert Downes - practices as a psychotherapist, supervisor, teacher and student engaged in critical psychological study and practice drawing from a range of traditions: queer theory, black studies, critical theory, intersectional feminisms, relational psychoanalysis, Marxism(s) alongside the spiritual teachings and practices of the Diamond Approach, the music of Björk and a 20 year long dialogue and extensive hedge school study with my friend and colleague, Foluke Taylor. Robert is currently chair of The Relational School and has occasional teaching gigs at Metanoia as well as teaching on the trauma diploma at the NAOS Institute.

You will also find some interesting resources for the conference from Robert and Foluke which are available here