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International Association
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International Association
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EATA was founded on July 16th 1976 as the European Transactional Analysis Association with the aim to bring together the numerous TA training activities in Europe and to ensure high standards. EATA currently has 34 membership associations with more than 7,550 members in 27 European countries.

EATA’s aims include the promotion of knowledge and research on TA, the development of its theory, ensuring agreed standards of practice in the field of TA and setting and administering the standards for the qualifying examinations for transactional analysts.

EATA membership is open to anyone who has an interest in Transactional Analysis, but is compulsory if you are a contractual trainee (someone who has signed an EATA training contract with their primary supervisor), are a CTA; PTSTA or TSTA who wishes to remain a part of the wider TA community, or, as all members of IARTA now are, you are a member of an affiliated organisation.

Our decision to apply for EATA affiliation was fully supported by our membership and was motivated by many factors, which included:

A desire for Relational Transactional Analysis be represented, and seen to have a place in EATA.

  • To show that relational TA can make a vibrant contribution to the wider TA world.
  • To broaden Relational TA’s and IARTA’s largely UK base and take it further into international waters.
  • To give us access to research grants, bursaries, publications etc, so that we can continue to meet our aims.
  • To provide IARTA members, the vast majority of whom are already required to have EATA membership, with choice about where they get it.

There are several different categories of EATA membership, as outlined in the table and key below. Please note that we have also included the IARTA membership fee in the table to show how those who fulfill the associate membership fee (category 1) will have their IARTA membership fee reduced to cover the additional EATA fee.


IARTA Membership EATA Membership Category EATA Membership fee Total
£40 Cat. 1 – Associate Member (first time joining EATA) Included £0
£40 Cat. 1 – Associate Member if been a member of EATA Before Included £0
£40 Cat. 2 - Regular Member (Students) £10 £40
£40 Cat. 3 - Regular Member Trainee (Holds a EATA Training Contract) £38 £78
£40 Cat. 4 – CTA £38 £78
£40 Cat. 5 - PTSTA £110 £150
£40 Cat. 6 - TSTA £110 £150
£40 Upgrade Cat 2 – Cat 3


£40 Upgrade Cat 4 – Cat 5 £48 £88

Cat. 1 - Associate Member first time joining EATA: This option is chosen by those IARTA Members who have never joined EATA before and have an interest in TA (as opposed to an involvement in TA training or holding a TA qualification that they wish to maintain). 
Cat. 1 – Associate Member thereafter:  This is for members who have previously been a member of EATA and are rejoining for their continuing interest in TA
Cat. 2 – Regular Member (Students):  This is for those who are currently in training (Foundation Year and all Diploma Only years) and until they complete an EATA Training Contract.
Cat. 3 – Regular Member Trainee (Holds an EATA Training Contract): These are for senior trainee’s working towards their CTA Qualification and have taken out an EATA Training contract signed by their Principle Supervisor and endorsed by EATA.
Cat. 4 - Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA):  This is for those who have completed their CTA Exams and are registered as Certified Transactional Analysts.
Cat. 5 – Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (PTSTA):  This is for those who have completed their TEW in preparation to gaining TSTA.
Cat. 6 – Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA):  This is for those who have taken the teaching and Supervising Exam and have gained TSTA status.

The EATA membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August each year and is contingent upon individuals being a current member of an EATA afilliated organisation. Since there is a lot of administration involved in processing your membership before sending it off to EATA we require your EATA fees to be paid at the time of your IARTA membership renewal in the preceeding September. 


For those needing to upgrade their membership part way through the year such as students taking out an EATA Training Contract, or for those CTA members who take out TSTA contracts and become a PTSTA this can be done at any point of the year. 

The procedure is : 

Send THREE paper copies of your signed contract to

Nikitta Flynn
8 Bryanston Avenue, Aylesbury, HP20 2BA

with accompanying payment made payable to IARTA with the relevant fees.

Contracts Contract submission fee Upgrade Type Upgrade fee
EATA Training Contract (Same fee for 5 yearly renewals) £38 From Cat. 2 to Cat. 3 £28
EATA Teaching Contract £48 From Cat. 4 to Cat. 5 £48

For those needing to submit supplement forms such as Change of Principle Supervisor etc, again these get sent to Mica Douglas at the address above.

All the forms that you need for taking out training contracts etc can be found in the EATA Training Manual, please click here for access to this manual (external website.)


If you get your EATA Membership from another EATA affiliated organisation, you will still need to complete the online form, as we need to know which Member Organisation you are with and which Codes of Ethics you follow. All parts of the form will need to be completed except the EATA membership categories field. You will then need to e-mail a copy of your proof of EATA Membership to Mica Douglas at the address below.

Contact Details for EATA Administration

For all information, regarding your EATA membership and to send supporting documents please contact us via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How to renew your membership

document iconA brief guide showing how to renew your IARTA Membership online.

Download the guide (pdf)

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IARTA 10th Anniversary Conference

With Helena Hargaden & Bill Cornell

Friday 29th November 2019

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