A Tribute to Lennox Thomas from IARTA & BAATN

In Celebration of Lennox Thomas. Father, Brother, renowned Leader, mentor and inspiring Black male, consultant psychoanalytical psychotherapist in the field of Mental Health, trauma and intercultural perspectives. Now deserving of his status as our Ancestor and iconic wise elder of the profession.  

IARTA would like to express their sincere and warm condolences to Lennox’s family and friends.

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Born in Grenada: Lennox K. Thomas MA, CQSW, BPC, AFT, UKCP (Fellow). He was the first senior probation officer of African Caribbean origin. He then trained in child development, clinical social work, child and family psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He was Clinical Director of Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre and Co-Director of the University College (London) MSc in Intercultural Psychotherapy. He was the co-founder and Consultant Psychotherapist at the Refugee Therapy Centre. Influenced by his work with children and parents in hospitals and probation, he had an interest in attachment and transgenerational family trauma.

Lennox’ memory lives on through his historical contributions to the field of Psychotherapy and counselling since the 70s. His teachings in the field of psychotherapy and counselling embraced the consequences and benefits of Eurocentric psychoanalytic psychotherapy and trauma. He advocated for the transformation of the discipline to account for the impact of colonisation, war, ethnic cleansing, immigration and assimilation on family and individuals.

Through his publications and talks, Lennox contributed to theory and engaged in intercultural insights to audiences in elegant, tactful and humorous ways. He sensitively addressed the historical effects of colonisation, racism and other oppressions on black, Asian and immigrant populations. We are grateful for Lennox’ time with us as a compassionate leader and role model who touched the lives of many families and individuals.

We will miss him deeply and will always be hugely grateful for everything we have learnt from him

May he rest in peace.