IARTA WEBINAR - 14TH MAY 2021   7–8.30PM

Meeting the challenge of race in therapy practice      


In this webinar, Eugene Ellis will help us to explore what happens in our minds and also importantly in our bodies in the midst of the race conversation; to explore how a mindful approach to our physiological responses might support us as therapists in staying at the contact boundary of our own and our clients’ experience – and find our voice.


Eugene will be joined by a small panel of IARTA members who will raise questions, thoughts, ideas that his recently published book, ('The Race Conversation: An essential guide to creating life-changing dialogue'), has raised for them. There will also be time for members of the audience to do the same.

There is no charge for this webinar but to secure a place please email Nikitta at iartamembership@gmail.com

Bio: Eugene Ellis is an activist, writer and public speaker on issues ofrace, difference and intersectionality. He trained as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and has a special interest in body-orientated therapies and mindfulness. He is also the founder and director of The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN), a network of therapists committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing the psychological needs of Black, African and South Asian people in the UK. Eugene has a particular interest in the impact of intergenerational and familial trauma in the context of race. His book, 'The Race Conversation: An essential guide to creating life-changing dialogue', explores the intersection of race and trauma, the non-verbal communication of race and how to navigate oppressive patterns.