Introducing the new IARTA FORUM for members!

New Forum

As you will have noticed, we have recently changed our website management and have employed Original Bear Media to take care of our online presence and website management. So far things are working out well and we are looking forward to a creative relationship together.

We now have an area called IARTA FORUM which is very exciting, because it presents us with a space to hold;

· A BLOG, a general discussion space where we can post topics for discussion and sharing of ideas with our community.

· An area for Question and Answer sessions and occasional virtual meetings

· And, an area for our COLLOQUIUMS

Membership is optional but, we will be piloting it for the colloquium later in May, so if you are intending joining that, (and we hope you will) you will need to join up.

We will launch the Blog after our on line Colloquium.

The dates for the COLLOQUIUM 24th to 31st May, we have a “What’s on your Mind” format, rather than any specific article or theme with a panel. The idea is that we will generate a discussion from whatever you wish to speak about.

These are usually rich and rewarding dialogues and we look forward to being with you during Colloquium week. You will receive an invitation to join the Colloquium from us nearer the time. The usual etiquette applies please, to do with confidentiality and boundaries. You will find those guidelines on the website.

Some technical information about IARTA Forum.

As these projects use our new platform you will no longer receive colloquium postings emails via listserve.

You will need to log in to the Forum in order to take part in the above, this of course is optional, but we very much hope you do.  
It is secure, confidential and not linked to our main website.
It is for Members only, not open to the public.
You manage your own account, so you have control over your own password, login and confidential information, not us.

Our website company OBM is available to assist and support you. They will help to delete your account if you wish and will take up technical issues and follow up spam/ abuse issues if they appear.

Full details about it are available on line

You will also find there our privacy policy, terms of use and also guidance on Forum etiquette.

In terms of discussion topics for both the Blog and the Colloquium, we hope you as members will decide your own topics, and look forward to this exciting new venture with us.

Do let us know how this goes? Your feedback will allow us to be responsive to what works best for us as a community. Your queries, comments and suggestions will keep us all in contact, involved and taking ownership in our new ventures.