Upcoming Webinar Weds 29th July

Dear IARTA Community,

We hope you continue in health and well-being. Here is some information about our next webinar, on Wednesday 29th July from 7.00-9.00,which will be hosted by the steering group.

We hope you will be able to join us and contribute.

What sustains you when things fall apart?

As we come to August, the traditional time of rest and restoration for psychotherapists, we are reflective and thoughtful about the time we have all lived, and are living through.  For many of us this has been a world-changing and life-defining moment. The pandemic - the lockdown of our lives, from our clinical practices to loss of freedoms to visit our families and friends, andgo about our ordinary lives - has brought trouble to our doors. A new awareness of racism and poverty has emerged. Death, violence and misery have stalked our ives.

It seems that we have responded to this new reality in phases as we are living together in this changed reality. From the early euphoric freedoms that some of us have reported to lows of dread and insecurity, lack of confidence and loss of structure, isolation and exhaustion.We think that this time will be etched on our consciousnesses and we will remember it as one remembers with great clarity times of personal trauma in world-defining events.

We suspect that we all have our own unique ways of getting through “trouble”.  For example, some of us turn to music, literature and poetry to help us articulate and live through what might otherwise remain unnamable and unbearable. Others need joy and fun and sight of the human face and voice. Others have treasured objects and others connect on zoom with beloved family. Some of us work in a renewed manner and are discovering new self and soul changing experiences. All these ways sustain us and take us out of this extraordinary experience and showa horizon to lift up our hearts.

In this webinar we invite you share and account for what sustains you and gets you through. Bring a poem, a song, a PhD, a story, a biscuit … and share it with the community.  We will have lots of time in small groups and also plenary sharing.

We hope to see lots of you on the 29th.