World TA Conference - Important announcement

Important announcement - 4th May 2020 

Over the past months, as we have all been navigating the worldwide turmoil and disruption caused by Covid19 in our lives, countries and businesses, there have been many messages by email and social media with respect to the 2020 World Conference. Everyone involved in the organising of the 2020 World Conference has been doing their utmost to navigate the many issues resulting from this extraordinary event and it has not been a simple task. This statement below is now to provide clarity to you, our members, of your Association’s position regarding the 2020 World Conference. 

In these unprecedented times we are collectively facing many losses and not to have the opportunity to meet as an international community in Birmingham is one of these losses. 

As Transactional Analysts, we understand that deconstructing is perhaps even more complex than constructing and this is certainly true in relation to closing down the 2020 World Conference. 

The responsibility for this complex process lies with all organising associations - we co- created the conference and we will collectively dismantle this in a way that is honouring and respectful to all parties and particularly to our members. 

Once the termination of the 2020 World Conference is completed, we will be in touch again. We ask you all to be patient and mindful in this time and trust that we, the associations represented below, are working collectively to honour our commitments to you the community. 

The 2020 World Conference is cancelled not postponed to 2023. We regret that you may have been receiving contradictory emails about this position which are not representative of the organisations listed below. 

Taking into account the disappointment and missed opportunity for the UK to host this 2020 World Conference, a bid from the UK to run the next world conference would be looked on favourably. 

Some local members from the original organising committee are looking at the possibility of running their own online/hybrid conference which is entirely separate from the cancelled WTAC.

We wish them well with this endeavour. 

Peter Rudolph, EATA President

Elana Leigh, ITAA President

Diane Salters, ITAA Past President

Chitra Ravi, ITAA President elect nominee

Anna Krieb, EATA Treasurer

John Oates, ITAA Treasurer

Rhae Hooper, FTAA Joint President

Annie Rogers, FTAA Joint President

Bev Gibbons, UKATA Representative

Heather Fowlie, IARTA Representative