About Our Events

The International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis (IARTA) is committed to providing high-quality online events for our membership that seek to promote, disseminate and/or advance relational TA theory and practice.

The event pages on our website will be updated at regular intervals provides details of our upcoming events.

All events, unless otherwise stated, will take place on Zoom.

In order to provide a balanced programme some events will be specifically targeted at members from one of the four fields (P, C, E or O) and/or some at members with a particular level of experience, as shown below:

  • Students – little or no clinical experience (S)
  • Trainees – (over 100 hours of clinical experience) (T)
  • Qualified Practitioners (less that 5 years) (QP)
  • Advanced Practitioners (over 5 years qualified) (AP)

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