Types of Events

While not definitive the types of events that could be run are listed below – If you would like to offer to facilitate an event or want to suggest one that you would like us to organise, please contact Heather Fowlie at heatherfowlie123@aol.com

Theoretical Papers/Themes

Theoretical papers and/or themes (2 hours long) offer an opportunity to revise, reflect upon and discuss a particular relational paper, chapter from a book, theme or film. Where possible, we will invite the author of the paper to present their paper and facilitate the ensuing discussion.


Lectures (2 hours) are similar to “Theoretical Papers” in that an idea or theme is presented and discussed, but numbers are not limited and, as a result, do not typically include an opportunity to ask questions.


(Between 1 and 2 hours long) are usually presented by people who are new to teaching and/or are preparing to take their teaching exams and want to try out an idea that they have and/or gain an endorsement.

Reading Groups

Reading groups are an opportunity to gather together over a series of weeks to discuss a book relevant to the theme of Relational TA and consider the book’s relevance to practice.

Practitioner Groups

Practitioner Groups offer a safe space for practitioners to meet together (over a number of weeks) to discuss practice issues in an atmosphere of support, mutual recognition and challenge.

Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and Conferences (usually 7 hours long) offer an opportunity to engage with a particular relational idea or topic.

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