The Art Of Relational Supervision (2015)

Helena Hargaden

This book demonstrates the clinical implications of the relational approach when applied to supervision. Describing her philosophical and theoretical rationale for setting up relational supervision groups, Helena Hargaden’s goal in supervision is to reveal the relational unconscious within the client/therapist relationship. The complexity of group dynamics are explored and psychotherapists show how this positively affects their work with clients and patients.

  • The main themes examined in the book are the:
  • Bi-directionality of the relational unconscious
  • Ubiquity of therapeutic enactments and ruptures
  • Intuitive use of improvisation
  • Co-creation of the intersubjective third – the analytic third
  • Focus on mutuality and reciprocity

Filled with case study examples, readers will gain a deep insight into the complex dynamics which form an integral part of any supervision and discover how, this type of relational approach strengthens the therapeutic relationship to bring about significant psychological change for the client. It will be an invaluable resource for psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists.

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