Permission, Protection, and Potency: The “Three Ps” Reconsidered – Keith Tudor

This workshop offers participants an opportunity to discuss a key piece of TA theory. Based on his article on the subject (published in the Transactional Analysis Journal in 2016), the workshop will review these concepts, and discuss Keith's extension of the classification of permissions. The three Ps are reconsidered not only as qualities and skills...

£15.00 – £30.00

Embodied Relational Therapy in TA: With and Without Touch – Edward T Novak

This lecture will focus on the embodied relationship between client and therapist in TA therapy. We will examine ways of attending to embodied relational dynamics that become available when therapy includes a more direct focus on addressing the two bodies in the room, with and without touch. The lecture is based in Novak’s embodied treatment...

£15.00 – £30.00

Traversing the Fault Lines: A relational approach to the treatment of trauma -Jo Stuthridge

  This seminar provides the opportunity to discuss a relational approach to working with trauma, based on a paper, “Traversing the Fault lines: Trauma and Enactment”. Trauma often involves experiences that have been unbearable for the mind to assimilate. When emotional pain becomes overwhelming, the psyche can shatter in an attempt to maintain sanity. The...

£15.00 – £30.00

Transcultural and Intersectional Self-Victoria Baskerville TSTA

This workshop will present a transcultural and intersectional Ego State model considering the influence of transculture and intersectional identity on self and other. The model considers the intersect and interplay between race, gender, and other cultural selves, accounting for the complexity of cultural experience and narrative. Through enquiry of cultural selves and through mapping on...

£15.00 – £30.00

The Impact of Sibling Dynamics in our Practice as Psychotherapists and Consultants – Servaas van Beekum

Participants need to bring a photo of themselves as a child that includes their family members: all siblings with or without parents. In this workshop, I will present insights into the vertical paradigm, central to Freud’s theoretical framework, and the reasons why it has become the dominant perspective in psychotherapy, in consulting and in supervision....

£20.00 – £40.00

“Sharpen your eye: roles, relations and responsibility in professional fields” – Maya Bentele TSTA

Based on the model of Bernd Schmid – Three-Worlds-Model, we look at the different role worlds or role areas. How they are described? What is the difference
between the three worlds? What are the impacts of
these differences to the relations and responsibilities
in the professional context? With questions related to the different roles, we will discuss various...

£15.00 – £30.00

A Relational Approach to working with Confusion and Deconfusion – Heather Fowlie TSTA

This seminar provides the opportunity to discuss a relational approach to working with confusion based on a T AJ paper, “Confusion and introjection: A model for understanding the defensive structure of the Parent and Child ego states”. Childhood trauma often involves experiences that have been unbearable for the young mind to assimilate. Confusion, a child’s...

£15.00 – £30.00

Women’s Group – Adena Franses

Wednesday evenings 6.30-8.30pm September 14th +28th, October 12th+26th, November 9th + 23rd. This is an opportunity for us, as women, to come together and share our memories and experiences as we have moved, and continue to move, through the different stages of our lives. We will explore the nature of our relationships (with ourselves and...

£90.00 – £180.00

Radical Psychiatry – Keith Tudor TSTA (P)

Radical Psychiatry is a lost tradition in TA. Although recognised as one of the early "Schools" of TA, it is rarely taught and little understood. In this Webinar, I will present a brief history of radical psychiatry, and outline its main theory and practice, based on an analysis of power and oppression. I will also...

£15.00 – £30.00

Trauma, disorganised attachment and dissociative identity disorder – Dr. Valerie Sinason

Children and adults with dissociative identity disorders (DID) have been largely misdiagnosed or undiagnosed despite the presence of this condition in all the international psychiatric classifications. Given the success of such rare treatments how and why has this happened? This workshop with explore the key elements that underpin DID - namely trauma at a young...

£15.00 – £30.00


Forming and Leading Psychotherapy Groups: An Introductory Learning Opportunity – Mick Landaiche, Ph.D.

This, online CPD course is designed to build the confidence of psychotherapy practitioners who wish to facilitate effective psychotherapy groups.  Limited to 10 participants, it will offer a highly participative learning experience within which we will explore key concepts, skills, and practical issues associated with setting up and running therapy groups.  Additionally, the course seeks to increase...


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