Relational Supervision with Carole Shadbolt

This four-session, online CPD course is designed to enable seasoned therapists and supervisors to have a conversation together and case discussions linked to relational theory and ethics and other various...

£80 – £160

A Transcultural and Inter-Sectional Ego State Model of the Self: The Influence of Transcultural and Intersectional Identity on Self and Other. Bought alive in self and in the therapeutic dyad – Victoria Baskerville (She//Her)

This workshop will present a transcultural and intersectional Ego State model considering the influence of transculture and intersectional identity on self and other. The model considers the intersect and interplay between race, gender, and other cultural selves, accounting for the complexity of cultural experience and narrative. Through enquiry of cultural selves and through mapping on...

£30.00 – £60.00

Alienation: Radical and Relational Perspectives Karen Minikin

Alienation is rooted in Marxist philosophy and is the premise for the cause of psychological and social difficulties.  It has been a key idea in explaining a missing element in relational transference theories. The theory of alienation has accounted for the important and critical role that systemic oppression plays in creating distress, which has helped...

£15.00 – £30.00

Ego States and Projective Identification – Alistair Berlin

This online workshop will be a presentation of new theory from the recently published TAJ article: Ego States and Projective Identification: A Six Stage Relational Methodology. It will offer a simple and clear understanding of the process of projective identification by considering its three distinct stages. The stages will be visually represented and brought to...

£15.00 – £30.00

From Enactment to Play – Jessica Benjamin

This workshop discusses the difference between play and enactment as dramatic interactive forms as well as the movement between the two. Play takes the position of the Third to allow meta-communication and the performance of recognition while sustaining paradox between opposing propositions (real and not real; repetition and repair). The paradoxical holds both repetition of past injury and potential repair, allowing what is painful...

£50.00 – £100.00

The Ethics of Self Disclosure – A Panel Discussion Ray Little, Karen Minikin and Carole Shadbolt with Heather Fowlie (Ch)

Working within a two-person psychology has been the major explorative work in relational psychotherapy, including Relational Transactional Analysis in recent years. For some therapists sharing their emotional responses was not considered part of the therapeutic relationship and kept apart from it. The therapist’s personal responses were traditionally considered as part of their supervision and personal...

£25.00 – £50.00

Relational Trauma & Applied Relational Theory – Mica Douglas

This workshop will explore the application of relational theory using illustrative examples from client work. The examples given will demonstrate how relational transactional analysis and related theories can be utilised to offer a different relational experience to clients who have suffered trauma in significant early relationships. There will be an opportunity for participants to reflect...

£15.00 – £30.00

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