30th March 2022

IARTA will update this booklet at regular intervals providing details of our upcoming events. All events, unless otherwise stated, will take place on Zoom.

In order to provide a balanced programme some events will be specifically targeted at members from one of the four fields (P, C, E or O) and/or some at members with a particular level of experience., e.g. students (little or no clinical experience), trainees (over 100 hours of clinical experience), qualified practitioners or advanced practitioners (qualified for over 5 years).


To book, and for more information about the workshops, click on ‘Upcoming Events’ where all our workshops are listed.

Into the Mind of the Psychotherapist: When the Personal Becomes Professional

Dr. Steven Kuchuck Sat 2nd April 2022 1pm – 7.30pm

This event is targeted at psychotherapists

IARTA members £50/Non- members £100.00

“Sharpen your eye: roles, relations and responsibility in professional fields”

Maya Bentele – 6th May 2022 5.30 – 7.30 pm

The workshop is open to all qualifications and fields.

IARTA members £15/Non- members £30.00

Permission, Protection, and Potency:  The “Three Ps” Reconsidered

Keith Tudor – Sat 7th May  8.30am – 10.30am

This workshop is aimed at trainees and qualified practitioners, from all fields.

IARTA members £15/Non- members £30.00

Embodied Relational Therapy in TA: With and Without Touch

Edward T Novak – May 22nd 2022 6.30 -8.30pm

This workshop is aimed at qualified practitioners, from the psychotherapy field.      

IARTA members £15/Non- members £30.00

Traversing the Fault Lines: A relational approach to the treatment of trauma

Jo Stuthridge – Sat 11th June – 8.30am- 10.30am

This workshop is aimed at trainee/qualified practitioners, from the psychotherapy field.

IARTA members £15/Non- members £30.00

Transcultural and Intersectional Self

Victoria Baskerville TSTA she/her + Jazz Rehal CTA she/her – 7th July 6.30 – 8.30 pm

This workshop is aimed at all fields and all levels.

IARTA members £15/Non- members £30.00

The Impact of Sibling Dynamics in our Practice as Psychotherapists and Consultants.

Servaas van Beekum – 23rd July 9 -12 noon

This event is open to all fields and all levels of qualification.

IARTA members £20/Non- members £40.00

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