Recommended Reading

There are a number of TA and TA associated publications which have come out this week.

You may have seen that the new “Innovations in TA” series has published three titles available from, Routledge who are offering a 20% discount, so worthwhile.

The three titles are inviting, contemporary and relevant.

Transactional Analysis of Schizophrenia: The Naked Self; Zefiro Mallacquas, Contextual Transactional Analysis; James Sedgwick and Mick Landaiche ,

Groups in Transactional Analysis, Object relations, and Family Systems

Studying Ourselves in Collective Life; N. Michel Landaiche, III

The series editor, William F Cornell.

Also published this week,

Working with Sexual Attraction in Psychotherapy Practice and Supervision

A Humanistic – Relational Approach

Edited by Biljana van Rijn and Jasenka Lukac-Greenwood.

Two IARTA steering group members and other members have contributed chapters;  

“The supervisory dimension” Charlotte Sills, with Jill Hunt,

“The disturbance and comfort of forbidden conversations” (sexuality and erotic forces in relational psychotherapy supervision) Carole Shadbolt

“An ethical container for erotic confusion” Sue Eusden.

“The meaning of asking” Brian Fenton, Jamie Agar.

Published by Routledge