9th November 2021

There are a number of TA and TA-associated publications for you to enjoy.

  • Transactional Analysis of Schizophrenia: The Naked Self; Zefiro Mallacquas, Contextual Transactional Analysis; James Sedgwick and Mick Landaiche ,
  • Groups in Transactional Analysis, Object relations, and Family Systems
  • Studying Ourselves in Collective Life; N. Michel Landaiche, III
    The series editor, William F Cornell.
  • Working with Sexual Attraction in Psychotherapy Practice and Supervision
  • A Humanistic – Relational Approach
    Edited by Biljana van Rijn and Jasenka Lukac-Greenwood.

Two IARTA steering group members and other members have contributed chapters;

  • “The supervisory dimension” Charlotte Sills, with Jill Hunt,
  • “The disturbance and comfort of forbidden conversations” (sexuality and erotic forces in relational psychotherapy supervision) Carole Shadbolt
  • “An ethical container for erotic confusion” Sue Eusden.
  • “The meaning of asking” Brian Fenton, Jamie Agar.
    Published by Routledge

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